Embroidery With CCS

Our team has over 15 years of combined industry experience in providing high quality, affordable, embroidery for both large and small business, federal and state governments, non-profits, schools and a variety of sports teams. Our highly skilled team of embroidery experts not only have the knowledge to run complicated machines, but they also know the best way to loop a variety of garments.

When it comes to high quality embroidery, the most important place to start is with your logo. Working with our digitizers, we are able to take most custom logo’s and visualize how the finished product with look. We are often times able to troubleshoot any potential issues before hand, ultimately saving our customers time and money. Whether you are looking for embroidery on 1,000 pieces or 10 pieces, we are prepared to give you the best.

Our Embroidery Process


Provide your own logo, or work with our Creative Team to create a custom logo that fits your vision and company needs. Once completer, our team will digitally place your logo onto the products you may be interested in purchasing. This gives are customers an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like.


Your logo will be turned into a stitch format that our top of the line embroidery machines are capable of reading. Once completed, each file is reviewed by our team of experiments. This ensures that any potential issues are addressed and the necessary changes can be made, before placing onto any garments.

Sew Out Sample

Sometimes the best way to know how a logo will look is by sewing out a sample. This is an opportunity for our team to test any potential issues before sewing the logo onto the finished product. This also helps visualize how the garment will take the desired logo and look once completed.

Tips For Embroidered Logos

Source Image: When possible, always provide the highest resolution image that you have access to. Since all logos will need to be digitized prior to the embroidery process, the higher the resolution of the source file, the better the finished product with be.

Keep it Simple: Embroidery is done with thread and therefore will have less details compared to digital or printed designs. Adjust your logo appropriate to remove small text, gradients, or clutter from your logo to ensure the finished product looks clean and professional.

Colors: When possible, try to minimize the amount of colors used in the design. The fewer the colors, the stronger and clearer your design will read. Each color is a break in the process and could cause the design to be cluttered.

Logo Size: When designing a logo, it is important to think about the garments your logo with be embroidered onto. While itis important to keep the design simple, you also want to ensure that the mount of detail you include in the logo will be recognizable at the size you will want it recreated. A great way to test eligibility is to print your logo on a sheet of paper at the desired size.

Locations For Embroidery:

Shirts & Jackets:
Left/Right Chest
Upper Back

Caps & Beanies:
Front/Side Cap
Front/Side Brim

& More!

Artwork For Embroidery:

Custom Logos
Business Names
Individual Numbers
Websites Addresses
Business Addresses
Phone Numbers
Position Titles

& More!

What Can Be Embroidered:

Duffel Bags
Promotional Items

& More!